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Guide Base (YVBS)    

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Bisques/Extra Turns
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Player 3 Player 4


Help Notes

This standalone file loads with some options pre-selected i.e. AC, Singles, 26 point and Difference. These defaults can be restored at any time with a Click/Tap on the RESET button.

Enter the Players handicaps into the handicap boxes in the Players Handicaps section - Players 1 & 2 for Singles, and all four for doubles.

Click or Tap the CALCULATE button to display results in red in the Bisques/Extra Turns table.

This calculation will use the data selected and input above, so after any edits to this data the CALCULATE button must be Clicked or Tapped again to update the results.

AC - Association Croquet

The Difference option refers to Standard difference handicapping (higher handicap gets number of bisques equal to handicap difference).

The Full Bisque option refers to Full Bisques where both players get bisques either equal to their indvidual handicaps or to a Base

The Base input box accepts a whole number input. This figure is subtracted from each player's handicap before bisques values are calculated. If either handicap player's handicap is equal to or lower than the Base, the standard handicap Difference method is used (aurtomatic).

SInce there are no 'mandatory' methds published for selecting a Base, this is not calculated automaticallyand must be entered if required. In order to help with choosing a suitable Base the Yorkshire Variable Base System (YVBS) is used to calculate a guide Base value, displayed below the Base input box. You must then input a value of your choosing into the Base box and re-CALCULATE if you wsh to use a Base.