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What is Croquet?

Croquet is played in many forms, some purely as social entertainment and others as competitive sport.

Simple game formats can be like "garden croquet", where the players contest hoops in a pre-set order and the player who gets their ball(s) through the most hoops wins.  There can be many local variations to courts sizes, shapes and layouts to accommodate the geography of the particular garden situation.

These more social forms of croquet often bear little resemblance to modern competitive game played internationally, although they are still "good for practise".

Croquet Competiative game formats

Competitive croquet comes in a number of formats but the two most popular are called ASSOCIATION CROQUET and GOLF CROQUET.
Croquet provides one of the finest and most intelligent of all outdoor sports, requiring delicate skills rather than physical strength and tactical ability rather than rapid reflexes - for this reason it is sometimes referred to as the "Queen of Games".   

It is one of the few sports in which the whole family can compete on equal terms.

It can be played at any age by men and woman on equal terms and uses andicapping systems that allows for good croquet between players of unequal abilities.  It provides light healthy exercise with no particular physical stress other than a considerable amount of concentration.

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