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April 2003

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Apologies for once again getting the dates of the Bronze Course at Nailsea wrong. The course will be held on 17-18 May, not April.



Council has approved some temporary changes in the laws of golf croquet. Details are enclosed with this mailing, or may be downloaded from the CA website, and a sheet which can be stuck inside the front cover of the Laws Book is available on application to the CA office.

Link:  (dated Apr 2nd)



The Handicap Committee has produced a new set of guidelines and procedures for the 2003 season. Copies have been sent to all known Club and Association Handicappers, and are included in this mailing to all clubs. Further copies are available from the CA office, or they may be downloaded from the CA website.   Links:   Handicap Guidlines letter         Handicap Guidlines and Procedures



Since the last Noticeboard was published Club Conferences have been held at Cheltenham and Huddersfield, and members of Council have also attended and made presentations at the AGMs of the South Eastern and East Anglian Federations. There has been much valuable feedback from these events, and it is hoped before the end of the year to announce an improved range of services to member clubs.



Those of you who had regular dealings with the office when it was located at Hurlingham will be saddened to hear of the sudden and untimely death of Janet White, who for five years worked as Assistant to the Secretary. The smooth running of the office during this period owed much to her efficiency and cheerful good humour, and these qualities will be greatly missed by both Merton and Surbiton Croquet Clubs, as well as a number of organisations outside the world of croquet.


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