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Newsletter No 27 -  Dec 2004

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Winter is now upon us and Christmas in the offing yet we are still managing the occasional game of croquet on a court that is bearing up remarkably well under the onslaught of the weather and, worst of all, the rabbits (more on this later). Much of this must be due to the good natural drainage as well as the careful attention of John Vickery.

We will certainly continue the idea of Club Days on the first Saturday and third Wednesday of the month for as long as we can, congratulating those who thought up this excellent scheme - I suspect it was Rosemary and Margaret between them. Don't forget to let Margaret know if you intend to have lunch in the clubhouse.

John won't commit himself (who could blame him?) on a definite date for the second court. It would, I believe, be realistic to think about May/June and hope to be agreeably surprised. Incidentally this court should be thought of as Court One since it is the most northerly and, if we are ever to expand with two further lawns, it will be towards the south. The one we are now using is, of course, Court Two.)

Rabbit Fencing Run Rabbit Run ..

Anyone who has used the court recently will realise how badly this is needed. Despite my belief that this should be our responsibility, Howard Rosevear has insisted that he will provide the materials as long as we can produce the labour. We will need about 300 yards of 36-inch wire-netting. About 6 inches of this will have to be buried but we can at least use the existing posts - a big saving both financial and in energy.

I believe that we should aim to carry out the work in January.


Please let me know if you are prepared to help, even if only to provide us with suitable refreshment

Committee Meeting

We had another constructive meeting on 6 December and most of the decisions made, some to be confirmed in due course at the AGM, are covered below.

Vice Chairman

Ian Wilson was unanimously nominated for the position of Vice Chairman, this to be confirmed at the AGM.

Good News

A letter received from Patricia Duke-Cox, Chairman of the CA Development Committee, announces that the equipment provided to us by the CA on loan (hoops, balls and mallets) will now be treated as a gift. She makes clear the interest by the CA in our progress, hopes they may be able to make some publicity from a formal opening and thanks me for sending her a copy of our calendar.

Formal Opening

We hope to have a formal opening, preferably once the second court (Court One) is playable. There was some discussion over who and how and a decision has been made to ask the Chairman of the South West Federation (Cliff Jones) to perform, probably with demonstration match - he has a minus handicap!

Green Fees

We decided these should be as follows:

Members of Other Clubs : £2.50 per session or £5 for all day.

Members' Guests: £1 per session

Three sessions per day: Morning, Afternoon and Evening.

Forthcoming Events:

New Year Party , Wednesday, 12 January, 7 p.m. for 7.30 at Porthpean Farmhouse (see below).

Ian Wilson's Pub Lunch , Monday, 21 February, at 12.30 in the Norway Inn at Perran-ar-Worthal.

Next Committee Meeting , Monday, 14 March, at 5 p.m. in the Clubhouse.

Annual General Meeting , Saturday, 20 March, at 3 p.m. in the Clubhouse.

Fund-Raising Lunch , Tuesday, 12 April, at Readymoney followed by a tour of Fowey (Blue Badge Guide). Details in the next Newsletter.

(Note:  The website now has an events calendar - click the link Club Events 2005 on the home page)

New Year Party Party People !

Howard Rosevear and Mrs Rosevear have very kindly invited us to hold this party in their own home.

Supper will be provided by the clubhouse caterer and drinks likewise - wines and soft drinks.

£7.50 will cover the supper and one glass of wine. Further glasses will be £1 each.

This is, of course, a fund-raising event for the club so there will also be a raffle for which contributions are invited.

I hope there will also be entertainment - so volunteers will please sharpen their talents, learn their lines and be ready to perform.

Applications to me (Tony Backhouse), please, together with a cheque, made out to the Cornwall Croquet Club, for £7.50 per person or via the wesite, paying by credit card.

Please also let me know if you can bring something for the raffle.

I will be closing the list on 7 January so why not think about it right away?

Plymouth Croquet Club

Many of you will have seen the handsome cup on a plinth on which is engraved "The Plymouth Cup" which has been presented to us by the Plymouth Croquet Club when Bob Savage, their Chairman, visited us in November. This is a very handsome gesture. I wrote immediately to thank them and said that we would inform them in due course as to what competition it would be awarded for.

We also have offers from members for at least four more trophies, including a President's Cut from Howard Rosevear, a cash donation from John Dowding and firm offers from the Reads and Ian Wilson. I think all these should bear the names of the donors, e.g. The Backhouse Cup for the Club Annual High Bisquers Competition (Note: I am NOT one of the donors!)

Comments and recommendations on this would be appreciated.

Badged Clothing

We have now located a local firm and put in train the production of badged clothing.

A sample of the badge and detailed price lists will be on the notice board in the pavilion shortly but prices are likely to be around £12 for a white polo shirt and £14 for a sweatshirt.

Other items, such as body warmers, baseball caps, cloth badges, etc may be available by special order.

(Note:  this is in additon to using Forget-Me-Not at Helston - members can use the most convenient outlet)

2005 Brochure

This is now just about finalised and production will be started in a day or so.

They will be available in the pavilion soon after Christmas.

They will contain the subscription levels for 2005 (see below).

Subscriptions for 2005

To be confirmed at the AGM, these are:

Full Members/Couple £75 / 140

Country / Couple £60 / 110

Second Club / Couple £60 / 110

Student £20

Social (non-playing) £10

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all members and their families.

Tony Backhouse (Chairman)

16 December, 2004