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Fri Aug 26, 2005 - Friendly v Plymouth

Cornwall's two wins were in the Doubles: -

Nigel Grant (16) and Stephen Read (20) of Cornwall, beat Eddie Schaffert (10) and John Roberts (24) of Plymouth +1 (on time) in the morning.

Ian Wilson (8) and Nigel Grant beat John Shepherd (8) and Anne Perry (16) of Plymouth +2 (on time) in the afternoon.

Bob Savage (10) and Ann Perry beat Malcolm Hooper (8) and John Dowding (20) of Cornwall, +2 in the morning.

Plymouth won all the Singles: -

John Shepherd +8 v. Ian Wilson (morning),

John Roberts +2T v. Stephen Read (afternoon),

Eddie Schaffert +4T v. Malcolm Hooper (afternoon)

Bob Savage +10 v. John Dowding (afternoon).

Final Score: Plymouth 5 Cornwall 2

Photo by Rosemary Bradshaw.

 Cornwall v Plymouth picture

Back row:- John Roberts(Ply), Ann Perry(Ply), Ian Wilson(CCC), John Dowding(CCC),
Eddie Schaffert(Ply), Nigel Grant(CCC), Bob Savage(Ply).
Front row:- Malcolm Hooper(CCC), John Shepherd(Ply), Stephen Read(CCC).

Spectators are welcome for the forthcoming Lower handicap tournament next weekend, 3rd/4th September.

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