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Newsletter 30 - October 2005


Summer seems to have come and gone in a flash, a blur of formal opening, open days, decisions, coaching, competitions, decisions, committee meetings, decisions, working parties, more coaching, end-of-season party and so on. And here we are, the evenings closing in and the sweaters coming out plus, dreadful thought, only eleven weeks to Christmas.


There are so many to whom I or all of us owe thanks. The following list is far from exhaustive and will be followed by apologies to those whom I have forgotten.

Malcolm - for organising supremely well the competitive programme though not here for most of the time and very busy when he was.

Ian - for organising the coaching and giving a perfect example of how to coach for the rest of us to follow if we can.

Nigel - for his immaculate paperwork, exhaustive memory and straight speaking.

Rosemary - for obtaining more publicity for us than I had dreamt possible, and most of it free.

Paul - for volunteering to look after the finances and provide us with a clear picture of where we stand and doing it quickly, efficiently and without brouhaha.

All those who helped with working parties, provided tea and coffee and did the washing up, took up duties of stewarding, entered competitions and didn't win.

To John Vickery for looking after our lawns to a much higher standard that we could possibly have hoped for.

And finally to Howard without whose generosity and purpose there would be NOTHING.

Committee Meeting

We had a meeting on Wednesday, 5 October at which a fair amount of business was done. Important decisions have their own paragraph but other matters were:

Jacquie Neville-Webber and Penny Rowe were adopted as Joint Social Secretaries and elected to the Committee.

We talked about the financial situation. We also considered possible levels of subscriptions for 2006 bearing in mind the costs of looking after the lawns. More details in your printed newsletter. No decisions have yet been taken.

The Daphne Jennings Memorial Trophy will be awarded to the most improved female over the season. The award will be announced and made at the Annual General Meeting in the new year, the decision being made by the Handicap Committee.

League Matches

We have decided to continue with the B League next year and, in addition, to enter the Federation (handicaps below 15) and also the new Golf Croquet League of which no details are yet known. A volunteer to captain the B League is needed, names to Nigel, please.

Social Programme

Wednesday, 9 November, 12.30 to 2.30, lecture and lunch at Trelissick, "Smuggling in Cornwall", £13.50 per person. Early booking essential, deadline 20 October. Contact Jacquie (01872 262150)

Sunday, 11 December, 8 p.m., Duchy Opera Christmas Concert with mulled wine and mince pies at The Alverton Manor Hotel. £12 per person. Again early booking essential, deadline 26 Nov. Contact Jacquie (01872 262150).

Future items will include a pub evening with private room, food and drink available, a highly competitive quiz, raffle and other delights.

Any suggestions for further entertainment to Jacquie or Penny.

Winter Ladder

A new, informal ladder, based upon revised rules which will be displayed alongside, will be available to those who wish to play. Simply place your name from the box found nearby onto the bottom of the ladder and then issue a challenge.

Coffee, Tea and Biscuits

There seems to be a muddle over the arrangements for paying. As from now, there is an honour system. Further details in your printed newsletter.

Club Days

Following the successful formula adopted last winter, there will be Club Days on the first Sunday and the third Wednesday of each month, starting at 10.30. Some of those attending may wish to have lunch in the clubhouse or bring their own and then continue afterwards. The first Club Day will therefore be on 19 October.

Whether anyone will want to play on 1 st January remains to be seen!


 The South West Federation is considering holding a Club Coach's course at Nail sea probably over a weekend in the first half of April. This will depend on numbers. Anyone interested, please discuss with me in the few weeks.

The SWF may also organise a Bronze Course to advance existing club coaches to Grade I, also depending on demand.

Comments on Last Seasons' Matches

Malcolm has produced for the Committee some personal observations on this subject. I believe these are of wide interest and I therefore attach a (very slightly) edited version as an appendix to this Newsletter.

Howard Rosevear

Howard is being operated on in London for a heart bypass on 15 October. I am sure we all wish him a sure and speedy recovery and we have sent him flowers with an appropriate message.


Tony Backhouse
October 10, 2005.