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Newsletter 33 - May 2006

Introduction: this is a somewhat brief and hurried letter forced upon me by circumstances. However I shall use the unfortunate occasion also to publicise other matters, thereby assaulting two birds with a single bucket of water.

The Secretary: I am very sad to announce that Nigel Grant has submitted his resignation both as Secretary and from the Committee. He has been Secretary for 21 months and, during that time, has tidied up the Constitution, kept total control of our new members and their details as well as prospective candidates, coaching requests, meeting minutes and everything that I, as Chairman, could possibly have wished for. I have no doubt that his successor will be handed as tidy a situation as anyone could imagine. He will, I think, hang on for a few weeks until a suitable candidate has come forward. We all owe him a very big thank-you for the work he has put in on our behalf during a difficult and exceptionally busy period.

Once free of the Secretary's job, Nigel has volunteered to undertake fund-raising and sponsorship, a long-term undertaking which could be of enormous benefit to the Club.

The new Secretary will need to be computer-literate, methodical and, in his/her dealing with the Chairman, extremely tolerant. Please would anyone who thinks they might be interested or simply prepared to take over for the public good, please have a quiet word with me.

State of the Courts: you will all be aware of our concern over the state of the lawns this season and of the difficulties in getting them improved, bearing in mind the cost of the work carried out by the Golf Club. One result from this has been, thanks to the efforts of Malcolm Hooper, the purchase of the 24-inch Webb mower.

For further details see your printed newsletter or log on to members only section here.

For all this to work, we need a list of those who are prepared to assist with ground. I am happy to say that, by word of mouth alone, I already have six people who, some depending on an acquaintance course with the machinery, are prepared to take their turn. Any other volunteers, please let me know.

Midsummer Party: don't forget to sign up for this occasion by letting either Jacquie or Penny know.

Cost: £5 per person plus a contribution for a raffle for a hamper. If you wish to attend, please phone or write to Jacquie (01872 262150) or Penny (01326 374457).

Ladders: both ladders remain open for members to join. Entries by sending a cheque for £2 to Malcolm Hooper.

Also entries for the Read Trophy are open until 30 June and for the President's Cup until 4 August.

Golf Croquet League: the result of the first match, vs Budleigh Salterton away, was a creditable loss 6 - 14. Home advantage was noticeable during the morning, our team having better results after lunch. Well done, particularly those for whom this occasion was first ever repres-entative match. There should be a report in Thurs-day's (18 May) Cornish Guardian.

Tony Backhouse
15 May 2006.