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Newsletter 34 - Jul 8, 2006


Introduction: Quite a bit seems to me to have happened in the last eight weeks, much of which most of you will know about. However it is worth repeating so that every member is reasonably up-to-date with the events that affect us.


The Secretary: I am delighted that Lynda Everett has volunteered to take over this very responsible   job. It requires qualities which I have only heard about, such as method, tidiness, master (or mistress) of detail, computer literacy and, most important, an unselfish willingness to contribute.

I must not forget that the characteristics above also apply to those who have earlier volunteered for the vitally necessary chores within the Club, such as:

                Paul - Treasurer

                Malcolm - Tournament Secretary

                Rosemary - Publicity

                Jackie & Penny - Social Secretaries

                David -Health & Safety

Without all their mostly unobtrusive work behind the scenes, the Club would fold not-so-quietly .

SWF Leagues: Results so far are as follows:


                Plymouth (A): lost 0 - 5

                Budleigh (H): won 4 - 3

                Taunton (H): lost 3 – 4

                Sidmouth (A): lost 2 - 3

B League:

                Torbay (H): cancelled

                Sidmouth (A): won 5 - 2

                Budleigh (A): won 4 – 3


            Budleigh (A): lost 6 - 14

            Kingston Maurward (A): lost 7 – 13.

The vital aspect of these matches is not the winning (though some clubs treat them as though this is so) but that the players enjoy themselves and are encouraged to get out and play more competitive croquet. Playing different people in different surroundings is a big help to one’s learning experience. I am sure this has been the case with all those involved.

Longman Cup: We have had to cancel our entry because of the difficulty of making up a team on the dates offered.

 Money Raising: You will all be aware of our successful evenings with the Royal Naval Association, the Mevagissey Christian Families and the Scouts Association, each of which event raised between £48 and £55 for the Club. We have also had a successful visit from Poltair School, 3 teachers and 12 pupils, on 4 July.. We did not charge for this visit, it being part of our aim to work with schools. It also makes a positive point on any grant application forms.

We also have impending visits from 30 members of the Mevagissey Ladies Choir. I have agreed the following dates, from 7 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. on each day, and just hope that enough of you will be prepared to give up a quiet evening at home to assist. We need, as always, four on the lawns, one to each short court, and one in the pavilion to organise tea and coffee.

                Friday, 14 July,  Friday, 21 July

Please let me know if you can help, thereby relieving my anxiety and allowing me to sleep at nights!

 Midsummer Party: An excellent evening – thank you, Penny and Jacquie.

Impending Social Events: The Social Secretaries are keen to receive your ideas and suggestions; theatre or concert visits, Christ-mas dinners, quiz lunches, coffee mornings, boat trips, garden visits followed by cream teas, bungee jumps, Channel swims or anything you think might be fun and popular.

Match Preparation: Don't forget that, if you are down to play in a home match or tournament, the publicised start time refers to the time when play actually starts. Before that, the lines have to be marked, hoops put out and checked, balls, chairs, corner flags and yard line markers assembled and put out, kettle boiled and so on. One would not expect those who live an hour away to turn up 45 minutes or more before time so we tend to rely on those who live locally. I do very much appreciate the willingness and cheerful help of those on whom I can rely.

It would also be of help to me if some others could sometimes attend to the line-marking which is neither a difficult nor a particularly lengthy business. I would be happy to conduct a 10-minute course on recommended procedure.

Chairman:  I have given to the Committee my resignation as Chairman effective next Christmas. I have been in office for nearly all the time since 1996 and it is time for a change. The reason for the timing before the AGM is that I shall be out of the country from mid-January to mid-April next year. All members should consider whom they would like to see as my successor and inform the Secretary accordingly.

Ian Wilson:   I am sad to announce that Ian has expressed a need to cut down on his work for the club. He has therefore announced his resignation as Vice Chairman from the next AGM and also as Head Coach. The latter is seriously bad news for the Club, Ian is clearly the most effective coach we have (I certainly do not mean to belittle Nigel’s contribution) and has managed coaching generally with quiet efficiency and endless patience.

In any event, we can never have too many coaches and any one interested in doing the 2-day course for Club Coach should contact either Ian or me.

Friendly vs Plymouth: A friendly match has been proposed, to take place at Plymouth on Sun Sep 24 and to consist of 8 Association players and 4 Golf. Further details are, I imagine, to be decided. Anyone interested should either watch to notice board in the pavilion or let me know

Tony Backhouse
8 July 2006.