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Newsletter 37 - Dec 3, 2006
Introduction: This is going to be a thoroughly boring newsletter. It is administratively necessary but inevitably, at this stage of the croquet year, unlikely to be exciting.

However, those of you who visit the club from time to time will have noticed not only that there are occasionally a few odd, keen players still active in this hibernating period but also that the lawns have been weed-killed and fertilised. Consequently the grass is growing and the surface therefore showing signs of improvement.

The Winter Ladders, for Association and Golf, are active and anyone who feels left out only has to add his/her name at the bottom and get challenging. He/she (doesn’t this PCness get boring?) may challenge anyone up to five places above him/her.

Winter Party: Howard has suggested the possibility of have a party based in his house at some stage during the Christmas period and also making it a Murder Party. This means hiring a group who join in and acting their individual parts which culminate in a dreadful deed. This then has to be solved by the audience. The alternative is to obtain a kit which would include scripts and, presumably, any unusual props, all to be acted out by you and me. The former method is, of course, somewhat more expensive than the latter, probably to the tune of £10 to £12 more per person above the necessary cost of food and drink.

Please let Lyn know whether you would be interested in such a party and, if so, whether you prefer the Ford or the Rolls Royce way of organising it (email or postcard).  

Likely prices are in the order of £12 to £15 (Ford) or £20 to 30 (Rolls Royce).

Please let Lyn know if you don’t want to come (just as important).

Glasses: I don’t know whether I miscounted or any prizewinner from the 2006 season was left out but I have two engraved glasses left over. If   anyone received a cup, bowl or salver without also receiving a glass please let me know as soon as possible.

Keys: I have managed to get half a dozen more keys for the Equipment Shed cut and these are available for a semi-returnable deposit of £5. Applications to me.

Hoops: The stripping, painting and refurbishment of the hoops continues, all being done by a select few volunteers. Thank you, Joyce and David (Edwards). Will users of the lawns during the winter please leave the smart hoops in their pristine condition until the 2007 season starts

Any volunteers to have a go at the pegs please take one and have a go but please only if at least two pegs are left in situ for winter players. The coloured stripes can be done with insulating tape. Anyone who thinks he can add the secondary colours below the primary should consult Ian or Ron so that he/she gets the order correct.

Croquet Association: This is a worthwhile organisation and I do strongly recommend membership to anyone who is interested in the game and wishes to support it.

We, as a club, are required to report back to the CA any changes of handicap by members. As I am not aware as to who is a member and who is not so could members please let me know accordingly.

Thank you all for no-one complaining about the text misplacement in my last newsletter.

Tony Backhouse
3 Dec 2006