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NEWSLETTER No. 39 - 11 Jul 2007

Introduction: I was delving in an old file recently and found myself nostalgically reading Newsletter No.1, dated 18 July, 1995. No.2, a fortnight later, announced our first meeting, in the basement of the Bustopher Jones Winebar on 9 August and the minutes of that meeting mention the attendance, among five others, of Peter   & Philippa Cutting. The next meeting, in September, mentions Miss Burrows together with Mr & Mrs Hooper. I just thought you might find that interesting!

After that, I produced two Newsletters No.4 with an un-numbered one between. So really this one ought to be No.41 – too many for one person – see below.

Margaret Lewis: Most of you will know that Margaret, wife of Paul Lewis, died of cancer on 18 June. Her funeral on 27 June at St Mewan’s was attended by Lyn, Ian, Joyce and me, all representing the Club. It was a simple and moving occasion which celebrated her life. We were privileged to be a part of it.

Social Events: Your committee has decided that, as no Social Secretary has yet been forthcoming, individual members should be encouraged to think of a likely event themselves (such as the very successful visit to the clay museum), take soundings and then organise it. Theatre visits, concerts, scenic walks, coffee mornings, competitive kite flying, bungee jumping, whatever!

I believe this is important, particularly out of season. Even a Croquet Club cannot live by croquet alone! An outline of some of the events that have already been scheduled follows with the dates for your diary emphasised in RED.

Visit of Poltair School : This is scheduled for Wednesday, 11 July, from 9.00 to 10.30. Thank you to those who have volunteered to assist.

The Bear of Rodborough Croquet Club: We (the Committee) thought it would be interesting and constructive to have a Mid-Summer Party combined with this social visit. They will be here for Saturday and Sunday, 4/5 August , so this party is scheduled for the Saturday. Since there will be fine weather and a delightful sunset, the present plan is to have an informal gathering in the pavilion to eat fish and chips, accompanied by suitable beverages. A list will go up on the notice board in due course: this will include a need for opponents for our visitors on both Saturday and Sunday. On the Saturday evening we might try one or two of the less serious versions of croquet suggested in the green booklet “Alternative Croquet”. Pirates?

“Faith, Hope and Hilarity Afternoon”: (Don’t blame me for this title!).
There will be a relaxed Golf Pro-Am afternoon on Thursday, 16 August . This is intended for beginners who will each be partnered with a more experienced player for an informal event, starting at 2 o’clock and finishing with tupper (tea/supper), for which every one is invited to bring along a contribution, sweet or savoury, as long as it is fattening. There will be an entry fee of £2 and a list will be put up in the clubhouse in due course. Prizes may even be awarded!

Jennings Short Croquet Competition: This is scheduled for Sunday and Monday, 26/27 August . Details are on the noticeboard. A full 16 names have been received but reserve places can be applied for.

Christmas Lunch: Joyce is investigating the possibility of this at the Kingswood Restaurant at London Apprentice on Thursday, 6 December . Full details will be circulated in due course. Save the date.

Winter Party: A decision has already been made for next winter. The party will be on 2 February , will be run jointly with the Fowey Club which will provide the entertainment and will be held in Howard’s house, by kind permission of Shirley and Howard Rosevear.

League Results:

Golf Croquet: Played 3, won 3.

B League: Played 3, won 2, drawn 1 (rained off).

Intermediate: Played 3, won 2, lost 1.

Federation: Played 4, won 3, lost 1

Very creditable as all teams have won more than they have lost, especially Golf having no losses.

Our Website: Anyone who has visited this recently will have noticed a Tip of the Week and may have benefitted therefrom. The site also contains an extensive section of Technical Information which contains Playing Hints, together with articles and links to other useful sites. Of particular value to players of Association Croquet at all levels is Ian Plummer’s Oxford website at http://www.oxford which contains a wide ranging set of articles in the “How To Play” section.  Check these sites out!

Improver Coaching: Sessions still to take place are Level 4 (10 July) and Level 1, Session 2 (22 July). Details on the notice board and the website. The Golf Croquet Improver Coaching postponed from 10 May will now be replaced by a 3-session course at 6 p.m.on 5 July, (limited to invited new and prospective members), 12 July and 26 July.

Existing members wishing to attend sessions 2 and 3 should sign up on the noticeboard or ring Nigel (01726 66534). Numbers are limited.

Positive Play Scheme: This seems to have attracted only limited interest, with two enthusiastic members battling it out for honours. For those who did not attend the AGM or read their AGM papers, details of the scheme – and the Positive Play Trophy open for competition – are in the pavilion and on the website. If you can make even a little break with bisques, you can claim some merit points.

Equipment Folder: Last year we had a very useful folder in the pavilion which contained details from makers of mallets. It helped members to differentiate between them and to purchase their own. This year it has disappeared. If anyone, having borrowed it, has not yet returned it, could they please do so p.d.q..

Dawson Balls: Since their benefit is mainly in rushing and in the croquet shot, their use has been restricted to Association Croquet. There is obviously a need for teams or competitors to practise with them before a match and this they may do in the few days before each event. In individual club matches, they may be used but only with the agreement of both competitors. The Barlow GTs should continue to be used for Golf Croquet matches.

Newsletter Editor: A suggestion that the job of writing the Newsletter should be taken over by an Editor and sent out every two months strikes me as good commonsense. He or she could concentrate on including photographs, text boxes, different fonts and other ways of making it less boring. It would also ease the load on the Chairman. Volunteer required.

Chairman for 2008: As you know I have resigned the office with effect from the next AGM. Therefore all members should be considering whom they would like to take over and persuading the relevant person to allow his (including her) name to be put forward. I feel that the Club still needs someone fairly local who is prepared to spend time at the club and deal with all the apparently trivial points that constantly arise, particularly in a recently formed organisation.
Think about it, don’t just leave it to someone else.


Tony Backhouse

11 July 2007.