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Tue 19 Jul 2011 - SWF Golf Croqur League

Cornwall Rosevear v Barnstaple (played at Cornwall CC)

July 19th produced rather miserable conditions for Cornwall’s final Golf League match, at home, to Barnstaple. Persistent drizzle made the courts slow, and had prevented mowing before the match. Cornwall were able to field 8 players matching Barnstaple’s numbers. However, the range of players’ handicaps was very different between the teams.

Cornwall’s team comprised: Des Honey (handicap 3), Stephen Read (3), David Edwards (4), Peter Dexter (5), Margaret Read (8), Jenny Burrows & Barry Edwards (both 9), and Liz Honey (10). In the event, it was decided not to play Des, who with the other low handicap players has struggled against pocketfuls of bisques. He acted as referee (and fetched lunches!). Barnstaple fielded a lowest handicap of 7, then one 8, one 9, two 11’s and three 12’s, two of whom had not previously played a league match.

It was decided to play the singles first, and finish with the required four doubles. Cornwall got off to a good start, but Barnstaple hung on and fought back, so that by the time everyone retired thankfully to the Clubhouse for lunch, the scores were level. However, Cornwall must have had the right things for lunch, as the remaining afternoon singles gave them a lead going into the four doubles games. These went well for Cornwall, with 3 wins from 4.

Cornwall chose hardly to use their two lowest handicap players, each playing one single and losing. Dexter (5) played 3, losing 2. However, Cornwall’s 8’s, 9’s & 10’s won 7, drew 2, and lost only 2. 

The message seems to be – if you want to win, use middle to upper handicap players who don’t have to battle numerous bisques.


Final Score: CORNWALL 12   BARNSTAPLE 8 


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Footnote: Cornwall concluded their season with 3 wins from 6 matches.