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News & Events - 2020
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Tournaments, training, league matches & special events have precedence but, if possible, a lawn will be left available for general use: other times can be booked by members on lawn booking sheets in club room.      

Covid-19 restricions necessitated a much abbreviated programme for 2020



  Month Date Day Type Time     Event                     
  Feb 21 Fri CCC   News Update - Feb 2020                                                                                                            
  Apr 01 Wed CCC   Playing Season Begins
  Apr 27 Mon CCC   News Update - Apr 2020
  Jul 25 Sat CCC   Newsletter 89 - Jul 2020
? Aug 9-10 Sun-Mon CCC   GC Handicap Singles, Golf Singles Trophy - Winner: Graham Varcoe
  Aug 14-15 Sat-Sun CCC   AC Doubles, Wilson Salvers -
Winners: Peter Cutting & Rhona Foster
? Aug 23-24 Sun-Mon CCC   GC Handicap Doubles, Golf Doubles Cup -
Winners: Ron & Pam George
? Aug-Sep 31-1 Fri-Sat CCC   AC High Bisquers Tournament, Read Trophy -
Winner: Graham Varcoe
? Sep 4 Fri CCC   AC Advanced Level Play, President's Cup - Winner: Bob Burnett
  Sep 11-12 Fri-Sat CCC   AC Short Croquet Tournament, Jennings Cup - Winner: Ian Wilson
? Sep 7 & 14 Mon CCC   GC Level Play Tournament, President's Cup - Winner: Des Honey
  Sep 30 Sun CCC   News Update - Sep 2020
  All Season     CCC   AC Summer Blocks, Plymouth Cup - Winner: Dorianne Forsdick
  All Season     CCC   GC Summer Singles, Golf Singles Cup - Winner: Francis Brown

*H  = Handicap League Team (10 and below)                  
*HH = High Handicap League Team (8 and above)             


    Note: Events coloured brown were not played due to Covid-19 restrictions.
  Apr  1 (Wed) Level Play Trophy (AC), Plymouth Cup (AC), Dowding Cup (AC),
Golf Croquet K-O Cup, Wagtail Trophy Level Play (GC)
  May 22 (Fri) Golf Croquet Doubles Level Play
  Jul 12 (Sun) Faith Hoop & Hilarity
  Jul 17 (Fri) Read Trophy weekend (AC)
  Jul 26 (Sun) Golf Croquet Handicap Singles
  Jul 31 (Fri) Wilson Salvers (AC Doubles)
  Aug  9 (Sun) Golf Croquet Handicap Doubles
  Aug 23 (Sun) Golf Croquet President's Cup Level Play
  Aug 14 (Fri) President's Cup (AC Level Advanced)
  Aug 28 ((Fri) Jennings Trophy (Short Croquet)
  Wednesdays am Rosemary Bradshaw Bowl (Short Croquet)
  Thursdays am Summer Golf Croquet
    Please send entries,with fee, to Dorianne Forsdick, Tournament Secretary (see printed sheet).

Wed & Thu Mornings are set aside for competitions running throughout the season, with accrued results. Anyone can play on any of the days, but there is a minimum number of games to be played to qualify for the trophy. There are two games on Wed and three on Thu.
Please arrive no later 0945 to enter the draw for opponents.
There is a no fee to enter each competition, which can be joined at any stage in the season.
Association Croquet handicaps are initially based on normal handicaps, but those for the Golf Croquet remain as normal.

– Coaching sessions will be arranged throughout the season for players at all levels in both Golf and Association Croquet. These sessions will be advertised on the club notice board, and possibly by e-mail, giving members the opportunity to enrol on coaching courses they wish to attend.
For further information contact Bob Burnett (Senior Coach) bobburnett@hotmail.co.uk

Club Teams - If you are available for any of the various team matches, please indicate on the appropriate list on the notice board, or notify the League-team manager.

Finals Weekend - Trophy presentation & tea on Sunday September xxth.
All are welcome to support the finalists, particularly on Sunday afternoon for the PRESIDENT’S CUP FINALS.