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Follow the Golf Croquet World Championships live on YouTube

The WCF Simon Carter Golf Croquet World Championship
Sat 27 Jul - Sun 4 Aug 2019
at Sussex County, Tunbridge Wells, Compton and West Worthing clubs.
80 of the world's best players from 19 countries are featured
(England have 19 representatives)
see https://gcworlds2019.org for full event information.


Following investment in AV equipment, the CA broadcasted the action live from it's YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/CroquetEngland/live with footage to watch 'as live' from www.youtube.com/CroquetEngland.

Live coverage and commentary for the KO stages begin on Thu 1 Aug.
The broadcast schedule can be found on the CA website.

Do tune in and enjoy the spectacle - there have been some incredible shots played already

Some great shots in the early stages: -

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Croquet Network Magazine videos

Croquet on YouTube

James Temlett's YouTube page

Duncan Hector's Croquet Videos     Gt Dunham Croquet Club (Norfolk)

Nick Cheyne's YouTube page


Possibly earliest ever footage of golf croquet being played in the 1930's

Huntleys have 2 further clips of croquet, one from the 1930's (film 46949) and the other from 1963 (film 9873) which is part of a whole array of sports from that year.
Neither of these are currently available online, but you can contact them to arrange a viewing. They are based near Hereford. (Huntleyarchives.com)


Brush Strokes (John Temlett - Oct 2014)


Hampered Hoop Strokes (John Temlett & Bob Kroeger - Oct 2014)


4 Hoop Shots 1/64" clearance (Bob Kroeger - Sep 2014)


Video of potential crush shots(Bob Kroeger - Oct 2013))


Refereeing Sweep shots with video
The challenge in doing sweep shots with my setup is that when I hit the record button on the slo-mo camera, I have five seconds to grab the mallet, bend down, do a few back and forth practice swings and then shoot.  Having said that, I did roquet two out of three and intentionally tried to bevel on the third. Bob K. (Oct 2013)


Refereeing with Slo-Mo camera (2013 USCA selection 8s)
Bob Kroeger says: 'The manager of the USCA Selection 8s gave me permission to use my slo-mo camerain my group (the second 8).  I chose to use it on four shots I was asked to referee. No one refused the offer.  In Shot 1 in this video (no sound - the real time simulated with software). I was the striker and my opponent was the camera person.  There was also a live referee.  My opponent had never used my camera and he was brought up to speed in about 30 seconds.  We did a test of him pressing record and then stopping the camera before filming the shot.  This was a shot at 3-back where I needed to get to a ball near 4-back.  Shot 2 was a hamper where the sound revealed the DT.  Shot 3 was a through the hoop sweep.  Shot 4 was similar to Shot 1.  I was the camera person in Shots 2 - 4 and multitasked as the live referee in Shot 4.' (Oct 2013)


Reg Bamford Jump shot controversy in GC Worlds Q-final - 2011.

The Shot - Reg Bamford plays a bomb shot over the opponent's ball in the jaws to win Hoop 11 in his World Championship Quarterfinal, only for the shot to be faulted by the referee (incorrectly, as is shown by the video). Published 15 Aug 2011

Episode 2 - The referee rules that Reg Bamford's jump shot was a fault - that the damage on the lawn was caused by the mallet and not solely by the ball. The Referee of the Tournament is called and he confirms the ruling. The shot is subsequently shown to be clean by video analysis. Published 15 Aug 2011.

Episode 3 - Reg Bamford demonstrates the Jump Shot to some fellow experts (Paddy, Keith, James, Evan) and shows how the hard Bomb causes damage to the lawn through the ball. There is no mallet contact with the lawn. Pub 15 Aug 2011.

Recreations - A series of attempted recreations of 'The Jump', and one attempt at deliberate lawn damage with a mallet, for comparison purposes.
This was at Hurlingham, but was off the lawn, and we did repair it afterwards.

Published 27 Jul 2011


Adkins Quadway Hoop video (as used at the Mac 2014)

Chris Clarke's videos on YouTube


Paddy Chapman Jump Shots (2008)


Final of 11th WCF Golf Croquet World Championship,
Mt Maunganui,Bay of Plenty,New Zealand - 15 Feb 2015

Best of 5 games final between Hami Erian and Ahmed El Madhi both of Egypt.
Hami Erian started well winning the first two games 7-4 and 7-5 and it looked like the match would be over in 3 games.
However, El Madhi came back strongly in the next two games winning them 7-4,7-4 and a deciding 5th game was required to find the champion.
Hamy Erian sprinted out to a 5-1 lead and looked like he was going to take the title but Ahmed El Madhi fought back scoring the next 6 hoops in succession to take out the game 7-5 and the championship 3 games to 2 games.

The end of the block play-off GC World Finals 2015 match
between Mike Crashley and Bob Jackson

Clip 1 of the GC Worlds Final 2015 - starting with the warm-up

Clip 2     Clip 3      Clip 4     Clip 5     Clip 6      Clip 7    Clip 8

Clip 9      Clip 10     Clip 11     Clip 12     Clip 13    Clip 14    

United lawns on 26th Jan and 25th Feb (comparison)

Note: All videos available in HD - just change the settings cog.


11th WCF Golf Croquet World Championship,Mount Maunganui,Bay of Plenty,New Zealand - 14 Feb 2015

Highlights from semi final match,being the best of 5 games,
between Chris Clarke,New Zealand and Hami Erian,Egypt.
The match was won by Hamy Erian 3 games to 2 games,7-2,4-7,7-6,4-7 and 7-3.
Ahmed El Madhi defeated Stephen Mulliner,England in the other semi final,3-0.


U21's Golf Croquet World Championship 2015 videos clips (from Chris Clarke).
Held at United Croquet Club, Christchurch, New Zealand from 1-5 Feb 2015
Final Clip 1    Final Clip 2     Random Clips 1     Random Clips 2     
State of courts in Jan


John Christie v Dallas Cooke NZ GC Nationals 2015
Playing 1 hoop at Paraparaumu Croquet Club 5 Jan 2015


Tobi Savage jumping over the center peg & the Blue to score hoop 12
and win the game at the 2015 Golf Croquet World Championships
(published Feb 2015)


Some clips from Woman's GC Final - Cairo Nov 2014 (by Chris Clarke): -

     Pre-final fun

     Final clip 1         Final clip 2          Final Clip 3         Final Clip 4

     Final Clip 5         Final Clip 6          Final Clip 7           Final Clip 8

      Final Clip 9         Final Clip 10        Final Clip 11        Final Clip 12

        (Please note the that the 'on film' caption to clip 5 says says it's clip 4, in error)


Some footage of the CNZ Golf Invitations 2014 at Epsom Remuera
(from Chris Clarke)


Random video clips from Mac 2014


Toby Garrison winning the Mac 2014


Danny Huneycutt v Paddy Chapman, Day 5 of the Mac 2014
 (from Chris Clarke)


Some Mac 2014 Day 1 footage (from Chris Clarke)
Bast & Huneycutt v Bryant & J. Clarke
Clip 1    Clip 2     Clip 3    Clip 4      Clip 5     Clip 6


More Mac 2014 Day 14 footage (from Chris Clarke)
Clip 1  Clip 2    Clip 3    Clip 4    Clip 5    Clip 6    Clip 7


Golf Croquet World Championship Final 2013 in Cairo,
Bamford vs Nasr: -

Game 1    Game 2      Game 3     Game 4     Game 5

In game 4 there are some spectacular shots from Ahmed to run three hoops with three consecutive shots.  Also Reg's last shot to win in game 5 is quite something.


2012 AC World Championship Final - Game 1 - Adelaide (Chris Clarke)


1999 World Croquet Championships
Jacques Fournier v Robert Fulford

This video provides a good example of a triple peel. (Published 16 Feb 2015)


2008 Golf Croquet World Championship Final Bamford vs Nasr Cairo :-

This short video shows both these players playing some great shots.
Published 12 Nov 2010.