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A somewhat prolonged game of croquet was played through the town on Carnival Night during the Fowey Royal Regatta. We were joined by Joshua Bradshaw, a talented young player from the other side of the Tamar; between his very good shots he blew up 30 or 40 balloon balls, most of which evaporated into the crowd or burst - thank you Joshua.

Beryl carried our banners and exuded a calming influence which was a very good thing as Reg (he likes to be called Reginald) was rather over excited, this resulted in him getting a purple ball stuck in the hoop for most of the game.

A delicate lady called Cordelia attached herself to us, she played a somewhat refined game, mostly using side strokes. Thank goodness she managed to keep us away from that bawdy Troy Player Olympic Team for most of the evening.

The glamorous usherette selling "Whacky Icecreams" in the procession ahead of us may be our Vice Chairman in her real life.


As usual a good time was had by all but there remain a few questions needing answers :

1. Why is Reg's mallet so huge ?

2. Will Fowey Croquet Club be competing in the Olympics next time around ?

3. Who is Cordelia, what is she ?

4. Did anyone peg out or indeed run any hoops at all in the Carnival Tournament ?

5. Will any of our members remember that we are going to Pencarrow on Monday September 13 th for "the game" and a cream tea ? You could contact Janet about this event.

6. Will you be coming to the Pegging Out Party - Soup and Ploughman's lunch, 12 noon, Monday 8 th November in the pavilion at Fowey Community College ? Contact Sylvia or Janet please.

 Fowey Carnival - Aug 2004
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 Fowey Carnival - Aug 2004
 Fowey Carnival - Aug 2004

Your Committee is: Rosemary Bradshaw : 832034, Gwen Cussans : 833665,
Reg Wapling; 833716, Bill Price : 832200, Janet Howard : 832405, Sylvia Anson : 834839

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