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Match Report

Tue 05 Jun 2018 - SWF Golf Croquet Handicap League                    (Played at Exeter CC)

Exeter v Cornwall Porthpean

Final Score:  Exeter 12.5      Porthpean 7.5

On 5th June 2018 Cornwall Porthpean Golf team made their way to Pinces Gardens, Exeter for the match against Exeter. After several days of beautiful warm weather, we were surprised at how cold it was in Exeter, and were once again wearing our "Winter whites!".

The day started off well for Porthpean with 2.5 points being gained from four games. Howard Rosevear and Francis Browne won their doubles game 7/2. An impressive result as it was the first time Francis had played for the Porthpean team.

In the "singles" games Trevor Bainbridge returned a score of 7/2 against Sue Stevens, and Janet Bell came in with a 7/5 win against Sylla Blackwell, a strong golf and association player. Kathryn Smith also returned a 7/4 win against Sylla. Linda Lang won her game against Sue Stevens 7/5 and Janet Bell finished the days play with a 7/3 win against Sue Stevens.

Four of the twenty games went to the Golden hoop, and on each occasion the 13th point went to Exeter.

Although the final result was Exeter 12.5 Porthpean 7.5, the Porthpean team played some impressive croquet and this was applauded by our friends from Exeter.

After an excellent tea supplied by the Exeter team, Kathryn Smith (Captain) thanked the Exeter team for a most enjoyable day.

The Teams were: -
Exeter: Adam Wimshurst (Capt), Ian Lavender(9), Scylla Blackwell(7), Sue Stevens(11) Geoff Pettinger(9), Phil Jones(9), Roger Thorn(5).
Cornwall Porthpean: Kathryn Smith (Capt)(6), Janet Bell(8), Linda Lang(10), Francis Browne(10), Howard Rosevear(9), Trevor Bainbridge(10), Tony Backhouse(5).

Report by Kathryn Smith.