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Match Report

Fri 03 Aug 2018 - SWF Golf Croquet Handicap League                    (Played at Plymouth CC)

Plymouth v Cornwall Rosevear

Final score: Plymouth 15    Rosevear 5

George Lang had warned us the ground was dry and like playing on a concrete surface and he was quite correct, it was a very hot day playing on a very difficult surface.
As an experiment we played without time limits, with many never finishing on time; the only problem was the games lasted 2 hours longer than they should: probably not a good idea for the future.

The only success story was Graham Varcoe (11 handicap) who won 3 of his 4 singles. Everyone else struggled against free turns and difficult conditions.

The team from Rosevear consisted of Tanis Boxall, Cathy McCammont, Liz Honey, Fiona Russell, Rhona Foster, Graham Varcoe and Bob Cash.

We rounded the day off with a good tea and enjoyed the day despite the conditions.


Report by Bob Cash.